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Cottage on the Vineyard

I was contacted by a Interior design Firm to provide early plumbing fixtures and the technical support for rough plumbing. I was further needed to install all of the purchased plumbing. They wanted real period faucets and all associated hardware. Some of the items are extremely rare. I used Meyer Sniffen glass leg sinks complete with the same company medicine cabinets traps and shutoffs. Many fixtures were JL Mott. Earthenware bathtubs, Pedestal sinks in pairs. Center spout faucets in all but 1sink. Then I found towel bars shelf brackets & toilet paper holders. I work with the architects to keep the project moving through many changes. I worked with the inspectors to make old plumbing satisfy code requirements. I have specialized in antique Plumbing for over 18 years and can past all of the obstacles people invent to stop you from achieving your dreams.
The Vineyard
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Laundry sink
Meyer Sniffen sink
JL Mott console sink with rare spout
A pair of Crane sinks with real faucets, traps and shutoffs
A dog wash with an 1895 JL Mott hand spray. I was left to find a fabrication shop for the stainless portion of the dogwash.
Close-up of the Meyer Sniffen under sink piping.
The right hand cabinet I provided was reproduced and I cut down the soapstone sink and found drain boards and period faucet
Note the angled front drawer I found it in Groton MA.
Over the rim hardware is hard to find. Here it is on a Mott Earthenware bathtub on bun feet.
Master bath tub. Note the handle on the wall is a hot only valve to add hot water under the rim. An example of custom antique Plumbing

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