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C.H. Evans House, Hudson, New York

C.H. Evans House, Hudson, New York: The Cornelius H. Evans House is an early example of Second Empire architecture in the United States. Cornelius Evans was a successful brewer and succeeded his father as a civic leader as well, serving as a director of the National Hudson City Bank. He was elected to two non-consecutive two-year terms as the city's mayor. The Evans House joins a host of Second Empire structures that Olde Mohawk has restored. A dozen molding profiles were replicated in kind as the cornice, built-in gutters, and mansard were restored according to the Secretary of the Interior's standards for the rehabilitation of historic structures.
New York
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Second Empire style is characterized by the mansard roof.
It takes a team of skilled mechanics to restore a building like this.
Rotted cornice missing ...
... and new cornice replaced in kind.
Detail view of dormer and new slate.
Work in progress.
Extensive deterioration of the roofing and cornice warranted wholesale repair and replacement in kind of historic fabric.

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